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Distance Learning Plan

Herman-Norcross Distance Learning Plan

1.     How are we ensuring students have access to appropriate educational materials, including technology?

School materials, books and supplies were taken home by students on March 17th, 2020.  Teachers have been preparing 2 weeks of curriculum that was picked up by all parents on March 25th and 26th.


2.      How are we ensuring students receive daily interaction with their licensed teacher(s)?

Instructors were directed to have daily interaction with students throughout this distance learning time.  This will be done through a variety of venues.  Teachers may be emailing students, calling students, interacting with students through Zoom presentations, Google Classroom, and Google Hangouts to name a few.  Support staff are also directed to be using the same communication tools with students.  Students who are in daycare settings on or off the school grounds will be giving the same information and opportunity that all of our other students are receiving.


3.      How will we support the mental health needs of students?

We currently have a mental health worker employed in our district and a school counselor.  These individuals will continue to meet with students who are in need of these services.  If other students are in need of these services parents are asked to contact the school and we will proceed in the direction that is needed to provide these services.  The same tools of communication that are used for distance learning will be the same methods used for students in need of mental health support.


4.      How will the needs of students with IEPs be met?

Our special education teachers and staff will continue to provide services to all our students who are currently on an IEP.  Through the guidance of our special education coop, (Midwest Special Education Coop), these services will be met using the modes of communication that have been established in our distance learning plan.

Herman-Norcross School District recognizes the unique circumstances and challenges distance learning brings for teachers, administrators, families and students with disabilities. This guidance is provided as a resource to support the implementation of the Distance Learning Day Program. The suggestions in this document can be applied when planning for all students with disabilities. 


 When determining how to provide the requisite services to students with disabilities on distance learning days, it is ideal to begin the planning process by considering the needs of children and families. Special education and related service providers should work collaboratively to address the following questions:


 • What is the overall plan for distance learning days?

 • What is the plan for parent communication?

 • What standards, activities, technology, etc. are teachers using? 


As the above questions are answered, special education staff will be able to determine which plans and resources can be modified and can identify areas that will require supplemental or additional planning for students with disabilities.




Planning for distance learning days requires thoughtful, open, and on-going communication among administrators, teachers, related service, and parents. The complex needs of each student must be considered when planning for students with disabilities, and individualized plans may be needed. The following is a list of topics to consider                                        

                • IEP goal needs                                      • Related services   

• Assistive technology needs                     • Communication                                     



Planning lessons for distance learning days follow the same general structure as planning face-to-face instruction. 



5.      How will we ensure students have internet access as needed?

The families who did not have internet access were contacted and we had Runestone Telecom make those connections so all students are on a level playing field.  This was done at a reduced cost and the district will be paying for that while our distance learning plan is in place.  Devices were sent home with families that did not have any available to them.


6.      How will meal delivery or distribution occur?

All families were contacted in regards to meals being distributed to their homes.  Those families who indicated that they would like to receive this service were immediately placed on the list and breakfast and lunch are delivered to their homes.  This is open to all families regardless of socioeconomic status.

7.      How will we support our English Learners?

Currently the Herman-Norcross School District does not have any ELL students.

8.      How will the needs of students experiencing homelessness be met?

Currently The Herman-Norcross School District does not have any homeless students.

9.      How will Early Learning occur?

Our early learners will be receiving the same services as all of our other students.  Packets have been sent home for these students to work on and daily contact will be made with the instructor.

10.      How will we assess our students?

Students will be assessed through homework, quizzes and tests.  All work will be sent back to the instructors through an electronic means.  This could be done by email, a photograph, or a Zoom presentation.


11.  How will we regularly communicate with families?

We will be communicating with families through emails, mailings, Facebook, School Messenger, and our Website.


12.  How will we address the needs of our tribal communities?

Herman-Norcross does not have any tribal communities within our district boundaries.

13.  How will we utilize partnerships to meet the needs of vulnerable students?

The Herman-Norcross School maintains a healthy relationship with Grant County Social Services, Lakeland Mental Health, Horizon Public Health and the Grant County Sheriff Department.  If at any time we suspect our vulnerable students or any other student needs help we will seek that for them.  The Herman-Norcross School District employees are all mandated reporters.

14.  How will we meet the needs of staff?

We will meet the needs of staff through constant emails and phone calls as needed.  We will be holding staff meetings either in person or through Zoom messaging and sometimes both if staff members are not able to come into the workplace.  We will always be practicing social distancing while we are together. 

15.  How are we tracking attendance of students and staff?

Student attendance will be tracked through our Synergy program as it is currently.  Students are required to be with their teachers during the assigned time as they normally do while they are in school.  If they are not checking in with their teachers they will be reported as absent.

16.  How will we assess and adjust our distance learning plan during implementation?

The Herman-Norcross faculty and staff will meet as needed to discuss how things are going and what else we can do to make this learning platform better for our students.  Our faculty and staff will do the best we can do until we find out how to do it better, and then we will do it better.

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Herman-Norcross Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship Fund is a program to aid Herman-Norcross students furthering their education at a Post-Secondary Institution.  Students that apply are scored according to academics, work experience, school and community activities and future plans.

Donations may be left at Delaware Insurance in Herman, mailed to:  HNSF, 18414 260th Ave, Elbow Lake, MN 56531 or given online through GiveMN (link below) or Thrivent Choice through Thrivent Financial.

Thank you for your donations!

Sports Physical Forms/Eligibility Forms can be found under the "district forms" tab, along with the list of fees.

POSITION TITLE: Literacy Tutor – Minnesota Reading Corps


Make a difference in your community and join our team as a reading tutor. Herman-Norcross School is looking for reading tutors to give their time and talent to help our kids become successful readers and learners.


Tutors work one-on-one or in small groups with students during school hours throughout the school year. No matter if you’re a recent grad, career changer, stay-at-home parent or retiree, you can make a great tutor. No experience? No problem. Minnesota Reading Corps provides comprehensive training in strategies proven to help students learn, so tutors are well equipped to help students grow.


Perks as A Tutor

• Receive a stipend every two weeks

• Earn up to $4,200 for college tuition or student loans. Tutors 55 and older may gift the award to their child, grandchild, stepchild or foster child.

• Free health insurance and child care assistance for those who qualify.


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